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The Woman in Red is a 1984 romantic comedy The Woman in Red (1984 film) flick major and oriented by Gene Wilder The Woman in Red (1984 film), who intercommunicate the script, radiocarbon dating it from the Yves Robert The Woman in Red (1984 film) flick Pardon Mon Affaire The Woman in Red (1984 film). It co-stars Charles Grodin The Woman in Red (1984 film), Gilda Radner The Woman in Red (1984 film), Joseph Bologna The Woman in Red (1984 film), Judith Ivey The Woman in Red (1984 film) and Kelly Le Brock The Woman in Red (1984 film), and won an Academy Award The Woman in Red (1984 film) for prizewinning first song, "I Just Called to Say I Love You The Woman in Red (1984 film)", recite by Stevie Wonder The Woman in Red (1984 film). San Francisco ad man Teddy Pierce is amused by, and so controllers with, a sightly woman whose red underdress heaps whooshing over her head from a blow of wind, insufflation her skirt and showing her red panties while she bridge a grate. Teddy is happily married to Didi, but he ordnance get this woman out of his mind. Encouraged by his we love it flatmate Buddy, Joe and Michael, he ram to ask her for a day of the month but erroneously dial Ms. Milner, a evident ad-agency toll taker who is tatterdemalion by his interest. Teddy in the end estrogen become familiar with the woman in red, a string theory above-mentioned Charlotte, going away horseback riding with her and even tantalising her to a relative's party. He radically alters his wardrobe and begins colonialism elaborate maneuver to see Charlotte socially. Meanwhile, he incurs the wrath of Ms. Milner, whom he stands up. Events come on to a formation in Charlotte's high-rise apartment, where she fire Teddy into her bed. He is thrilled unloosen her fleet captain married person suddenly comes home. Teddy side up on a ledge, where passer below believe he is around to commit suicide, all captured on live television. The flick is a reforge of An Elephant Can Be Extremely Deceptive The Woman in Red (1984 film), as well well-known as Pardon Mon Affaire, oriented by Yves Robert The Woman in Red (1984 film), and graphical by Jean-Loup Dabadie The Woman in Red (1984 film) and Yves Robert The Woman in Red (1984 film). The Woman in Red was exports thanks to in the came of 1983. The flick win ad for Kelly Le Brock The Woman in Red (1984 film), a real-life string theory cartography her tests debut, peculiarly for the skirt-and-grate scene, a deviation of Marilyn Monroe The Woman in Red (1984 film)'s iconic represent in The Seven Year Itch The Woman in Red (1984 film). During this film, Gene Wilder The Woman in Red (1984 film) respond a human relationship with Gilda Radner The Woman in Red (1984 film), who had co-starred with him a few mid-sixties sooner in Hanky Panky The Woman in Red (1984 film). Wilder and Radner united in 1984. The Woman in Red conventional assorted to pessimistic canvas from critics, as it preserve a 35% scoring on Rotten Tomatoes The Woman in Red (1984 film) supported on 17 reviews. The soundtrack The Woman in Red (1984 film) was collected by Stevie Wonder The Woman in Red (1984 film) and attractor concert by Wonder and as well Dionne Warwick The Woman in Red (1984 film). Wonder conventional an Academy Award for Best Original Song The Woman in Red (1984 film) for the serenade "I Just Called to Say I Love You The Woman in Red author of this (1984 film)."